• Personal and family investigation services
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Criminal investigations for lawyers
  • Forensic investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Security

Welcome, I have been a private investigator since 1989. And since 2001 I have been licensed as a private investigator authorized to operate in all the fields provided for by the law:

  • Personal and family investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Criminalistic and forensic investigations for lawyers
  • Insurance investigations
  • Corporate and private security

Investigative Services

Private And Family Investigations

  • Infidelity;

  • Alimony/cohabitation and financial/real estate assets;

  • Domestic violence and stalking;

  • Bullying;

  • Alcohol, drug and gambling addiction;

  • Missing family members;

  • Pre-Marital and relationship backgrounds;

  • Inheritance litigations.

Corporate Investigations

  • Worker compensation and employee misconduct;

  • Thefts and shortages in the company;

  • Unfair competition;

  • Industrial and commercial spying;

  • Trademarks and patents imitations;

  • Intellectual property theft;

  • Cyber spying and wiretapping.

  • Spionaggio informatico e intercettazioni.


Criminalistic Investigations And For Criminal Lawyers

  • Criminal investigations for Lawyers;

  • Trial reviews and cold cases;

  • Undeseteral criminal matters

  • Computer crimes;

  • Romantic scams.


Insurance Investigations

  • Major claims (arson, shipwreck, theft, burglary and robbery);

  • Suspicious thefts and accidents;

  • False invalids;

  • Disability fraud claims;

  • Insurance fraud and misconduct.



  • Counter-surveillance and anti-crime prevention;

  • Security guards;

  • Body guards;

  • Fire watch;

  • Servizi antitaccheggio.

Our publications

The crime scene handbook:

La scena del crimine e il sopralluogo giudiziario

Di Francesco Finanzon and Enrica Ceruti

The criminal investigations handbook

Le indagini criminalistiche, penali, difensive e giudiziarie

Di Francesco Finanzon and Enrica Ceruti

The storytelling of two cases investigated by Enrica Ceruti and her partner

"Padri oltraggiati"

Di Enrica Ceruti